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Business can be complicated and anything if not challenging. Our strategic partners are well versed in providing creative solutions to help keep your business on track and beyond.

Our Partners have been advising corporates and their owners for over two decades on protecting and realising value. Whether the need is for M&A advice, working capital, equity and debt restructuring guidance or corporate simplification services, the team will execute quickly and sensitively.

Access to capital
Our strategic partner operates a fund that invests in enterprises well placed for a breakthrough development. The specialist mid-cap investment fund has structure and accessibility designed for investments where quick access to capital is advantageous. This provides momentum and confidence for stakeholders to provide the business with further investment and support.

Committed to success over time
Businesses can be blinkered to investment opportunities for many reasons, often with a focus on short-term issues. Our strategic partner will review the long-term viability of a business plan and provide either the capital from their mid-cap investment fund, or services from their advisory practice, to take the business through a breakthrough phase in order to help drive sustainable success.

If you would like more information on our services, please get in touch and one of our experts will be pleased to assist you 020 3151 9717.

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